Artist's Statement

In my works I examine the beauty and fragility of the natural world. My sculptural language is rooted in classical European traditions of porcelain art, engaging with themes of beauty, biomorphism, and notions of the micro and macrocosm. One of my main ideas is to capture the transformation of ephemeral brittle beauty into petrified porcelain forms that will stay like little eternal monuments of delight and celebration of life.
In my artworks I often challenge the viewer to find their own meaning, wake up feelings and emotions, associations and fantasies, which are more covert, carrying some secrets and mysteries. I am creating a private dialogue between an object and the viewer.
Inspired by Renaissance traditional still lives with their visual relish of objects, I create sensual biomorphic shapes formed from repetitive and fractal modules. My sculptures are made mainly of porcelain because of its unexampled and unique qualities as a clay body: its subtlety and fragility. Smooth surface quality refers to something mysterious which intrigues me. This special material is able to give you the sense of texture due to its pure whiteness, astonishing translucence and ability to take on fine details.
Although my works focus on nature and the body, they are never figurative and poise geometric abstract matter.
​​​​​​​Solo Exhibitions
2020 (upcoming) My Secret Garden, Galeria Brukowa, Lodz, Poland
2019 Metamorphosis, 7 Mares, Berlin
2018 Some Things (don`t) Last Forever, Vitrine01, Berlin
2017 Allusions. Formations, KM 0 Gallery, Warsaw

Two-Person Exhibitions
2017 On the edge of Spain, Russian center of Science and Culture, Warsaw

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 From Russians with Love, The Ballery, Berlin
2019 International Cluj Ceramic Biennale, Cluj-Napoca
2019 ICAA “Blanc de Chine” International Ceramic Art Award, Beijing
2019 Pop-up Group Art Exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin
2019 MOVEMENT, Open Art, Curat10n, London
2019 35x35 Art Project, CFAM, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens
2019 Venice Lands International Art Prize, Villa Memo Giordani Valeri, Treviso
2019 Fantastic and Strange, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath, UK
2019 Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (selected), Florence
2019 IWS Indonesia 3d International Watercolor Competition and Exhibition (selected), Bali
2018 Petersburg and Friends August Edition, Petersburg Art Space, Berlin
2017 One Night Stands, Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin
2017 Leftovers, Prenzlauer Berg/Kunst Kollektiv, Berlin
2015 V/MESTE, Dom na Brestskoj, Moscow
2014 White&White, IV Moscow Biennale of Young Art, A3 Gallery, Moscow
2014 Impossible object, Dom na Brestskoj, XIII International Festival of Architecture, Moscow
2019 Honorable mention Cluj International Ceramics Biennale
2019 Nomination ICAA “Blanc de Chine” International Ceramic Art Award
2019 Nomination Venice Lands International Art Prize, 3D category

Cluj Ceramic Biennale collection, Cluj – Napoca
CFAM, Copelouzos Family Foundation Collection
Quanzhou Porcelain Road Art Development Center De-Hua

Education and training
2019 Artist Training for Professionals, Universität der Künste, Berlin Career College, Berlin
2015-17 MA, University of Social Science and Humanities, SWPS, Warsaw
2014 Open School MediaArtLab in Manege, Course “Visual Experiment”, Moscow
2008-14 MA, Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts, Moscow

Visual artist Kristina Okan "SECRET GARDEN", Purplehaze Magazine. 2020. Berlin
Venice Lands Art Prize 2019, catalog of the artworks of the exhibition. 2019. Quinto de Treviso
Cluj International Ceramics Biennale 4th edition, catalog. 2019. Cluj-Napoca
An artist who challenges the viewer to find their own meaning
. Interview, Yeoja Mag. 2019. Berlin
On Growth, Zine featuring international artists, Soft Within. 2018. Berlin
The Universal Sea. Pure or plastic!?, Foundation for Entrepreneurships – Faltinf Stiftung & The Institute for Art and innovation, P. 137. 2018. Berlin
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